Ghost Orchid (feat. Thomas of Light Your Anchor)

from by Lax Diamond

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what is love but a four letter restriction?
a sickness, a harmful addiction
i witnessed all of the affliction
standing in the quicksand, doubting my conviction
pictures been taken, pictures been framed
and then all of the pictures been broken and all once again
pages been written, pages been burned
and then all of the pages been rewritten, when will we ever learn?
wanted to bring you the moon
but cut my fingers on the stars
and if love means joy
maybe it's not meant for us
if your love is my drug, i better go to rehab
’cause nothing in my life left more scars than what we had
i'll never let you go‘, now i got broken hands
i went through hell and back and all that's left are broken legs
broken ribs and a damaged head, i’m nothing more than a broken man
hard for me to believe but I will learn to love again, i guess…
i lost the feel for the moment as you were turning the tides
starting waves of loneliness carry away the sands of time
feels like I'm hellbound, feels like I'm held down
the brightest sun just burned out, now i’m having a meltdown
they say 'the higher you get, the harder you fall'
I already hit the ground and I feel nothing at all
we turn cold when the heart can't take no more
when trust is gone, everyone's a wolf at your door
we gave and we gave, we gave us so much
we gave us everything and then we broke all our trust
and then we gave and we gave, we gave us too much
still we gave and we gave till we gave up on us
and i see how our colors turn to silhouettes
familiar eyes but a foreign glance
and the mirror that once pictured us is nothing more than shattered glass
shattered chest, cut my breath
put my head in a plastic bag
and the shattered pieces won't believe us when we say the past is dead
you are the tears I left my youth for
i never thought it would end like this
how can i forget the bitter taste of your kiss
when the poison hit my lips and her touch comes close?
love, please let me go…


from HEARTBOUND, released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Lax Diamond Hamburg, Germany

heartbound // 2015

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